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About our hosts...

Seale Adams

Seale hails from the city of Houston, in the great republic of Texas. He’s a video production professional who’s dabbled in podcasting since the early 2000’s. That podcast dabbling, his love of movies and television, and general lack of good sense has led him to Recap.FM. So buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy, but hopefully fun and informative ride!

JD Lee

JD was born in Texas, but moved to South Dakota when he was quite young. Which explains a lot. He grew up reading comics and sneaking out to play video games at the local arcade without his parents permission. He moved back to Texas as a teenager. During this time he was introduced to non christian music and started to watch movies other than Star Wars. He majored in music in college, where he took his first classes on sound editing and radio. After starting a family and trying to make it in the corporate world. He realized that he needed a creative outlet. This led him to start NthCast with Josh over 5 years ago. They had no idea what they were doing, but they enjoyed it and so did their listeners. He has tried many types of podcasts through the years. But, his favorite has always been talking about television and movies with his friends. Which is why Recap.FM is such an exciting project for him to be working on. He is excited to put out great content but more than that to continue interacting with the people he has met and become friends with through podcasting. Here’s to the future.

Not really Jason...

Jason McMInn

Born and raised in Houston Texas. He spent most of his early years gaming and playing music. He’s lost many hours of sleep, and consumed an unhealthy amount of Mountain Dew during LAN parties as a teen. He discovered a love for TV & Film at an early age, often getting together with friends and renting B movies, then trying their best to “Mystery Science Theater 3000” the hell out of them. He’s been podcasting for two years now, and loves every second of it, from researching the subject to producing the episode, and working in post production.